Top tips for decorating a rental property in St. Helens

Whether you’re a tenant looking to make your rental property feel like home, or a landlord who wants to enhance your property, it’s important to handle a rental property with care.

You should always be mindful of how you decorate a rental property and make sure to avoid any damages to avoid rental deposit deductions.

But don’t worry, there are lots of ways to decorate your space and customise it to your tastes within the boundaries of your lease agreement.


1. Ask for permission

First things first, before making any significant changes when renting in St. Helens, whether small or large, you should always consult your landlord or property management company beforehand.

Getting permission ensures you’re adhering to the terms of your lease, and maintaining a good relationship with each other.

Open and honest communication is a great way to build trust and help you feel comfortable knowing you’re decorating within your bounds.

2. Choose temporary solutions

Detachable décor options like peel-and-stick wallpaper, adhesive hooks, and temporary flooring are potential options for larger-scale decoration attempts.

These solutions allow you to personalise your space without causing permanent damage or violating your lease agreement.

However, when it comes to wallpaper or flooring, it’s always best to consult your property management company beforehand to keep them in the loop.

3. Accessorize

An easy way to transform your rental’s aesthetic is by incorporating decorative accessories like plants, throw pillows, rugs, hanging artwork, and curtains.

These removable accents add personality and style to your space while being easy to update or remove when needed.

You can also do a lot for your space with lighting. Lighting is an easy way to create a cosy ambience with lamps, coloured lampshades or LED control lighting.

4. Prioritise storage solutions

You can maximise both space and organisation, as well as the look and feel of your rental by investing in storage solutions.

This can be anything from bookshelves, storage ottomans, baskets, and modular furniture.

These functional pieces not only declutter your space and add personality, but they also provide added convenience for everyday living.


1. Avoid permanent alterations

It’s best to steer clear of making permanent alterations or renovations to your rental property without explicit permission from your landlord.

This includes painting walls, installing fixtures, or making structural changes that may violate your lease agreement.

2. Say no to wall damage

Refrain from using nails, screws, or adhesives that could damage walls or surfaces in your rental.

Instead, make use of non-invasive hanging solutions like adhesive hooks or picture hanging strips to prevent unsightly wall damage.

3. Skip heavy furniture

Minimise the use of heavy or bulky furniture pieces that could potentially cause damage to flooring or walls.

Instead, pick out lightweight and modular furniture options that are easier to move and less likely to cause wear and tear on your rental property.

4. Don’t overlook landlord guidelines

Familiarise yourself with your landlord’s guidelines and restrictions regarding decorating and furnishing your rental property.

Adhering to these guidelines keeps a harmonious relationship between tenants and landlords whilst also maintaining the integrity of the property.

Find your perfect rental property in St. Helens

Make your house a home by decorating your rental property in St Helens thoughtfully and responsibly.

Remember to prioritise communication with your landlord and choose removable décor solutions to ensure a seamless decorating process.

Our team of expert estate agents in St Helens are here to help you find the perfect rental property in St. Helens.

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