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Non-Resident Landlords

Non-Resident Landlords

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Do you own a home in the North West, but live elsewhere?

Today’s multiple communication methods mean that having interests in one part of the country and living elsewhere is of negligible consequence; however, if your interest is property, then a good letting agent in the area is essential. Without eyes and ears ‘on the ground’ so to speak, all manner of horrors can and do befall trusting out of area Landlords.

Non Resident Landlords Can Be Greatly Helped by the Right Letting Agent

Our regular property inspection programme ensures that your investment is maintained to the standard you expect. Any deterioration in the property is identified and, where the tenant is responsible, a written order for correction is issued and a follow up visit arranged to check that the job is done. Clearly any maintenance required which is the responsibility of the none resident Landlord is reported back to you along with a clear description of the issue, its level of urgency and a costing for the work.

With a wealth of experience and qualifications, we at Stapleton Derby carry out inspections with a trained and learned eye. We are able to deploy trained staff to inspect, assess and diagnose any issue and effectively remedy the problem as soon as possible.

When the ‘sods law’ boiler breakdown happens, you can be sure it will happen at the most inconvenient moment, but if you are with us, you can be equally sure it won’t be your family occasion that gets spoiled. Your fully vetted and approved tenant will be issued with an ‘emergency’ mobile number, with which they are able to contact our on-call staff 24/7. We react immediately, not only ensuring your tenant stays a happy one, but more importantly your investment receives prompt attention minimising potential for further damage and cost.

We are well versed and up to date with current contract law regarding short assured tenancy arrangements, and you can be sure that every contract we issue on your behalf offers protection and security to both parties. We are equally well versed in the legal procedure should the unlikely happen and we need to take action on your behalf. We have the added assurance of a close working partnership with local solicitors, who are experts in the field.

All tenants pay us by Standing Order and our system picks up immediately if a payment fails to arrive. Something which we are glad to say doesn’t happen often; however, when it does you can be sure we are on to it straight away. If the issue is not resolved by phone, a home visit is arranged to collect payment in person and emphasise the importance of ensuring sufficient funds are available on the Standing Order date.

We manage property for owners in all parts of the British Isles and offer the peace of mind that is so important when distance is an issue for none resident landlords. But don’t take our word for it! Check out the testimonials elsewhere on our website, then give us a call – you will not be disappointed.